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Are you having a hard time keeping your teaching fresh and exciting?  With testing, new standards, and other teaching demands, it's easy to let teaching become stale.  Who's got the energy anymore?
If you need a little inspiration to help you make meaningful connections with your students through your teaching, I've got ya covered.  You'll rediscover your spark for teaching!
Stop Lecturing, Start Connecting is a free guide to give you actionable strategies that will wow your students (they'll think you're amazing, really!)  The best part? These are strategies you can use again and again. 
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Stop Lecturing, Start Connecting is the guide to inspire!  You'll find 3 actionable teaching strategies to help you knock your students' socks off and help you make lasting connections in the classroom.  Take a look:

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If you're an elementary teacher challenged with balancing your time and energy, all while striving to meet new state and district standards, then The Classroom Nook is for you!  I'm here to provide you with high-quality, instructional resources, tips, and strategies to send you into the classroom prepared and confident that you will meet your students' needs.  Let's do this!

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